Mexico / Yucatan

At the yearly transition from 2018 to 2019 I was lucky enough to enjoy almost 4 weeks of freedom between a job change.
I wanted to practice some Spanish in everyday life again and was already fascinated by the looseness and positivity of the people in Latin America during my last trip to Peru. After a few thoughts about where to go, I decided to fly across the Atlantic again - this time to Mexico. Here are my vacation experiences and tips.
Where to Start ? - Cancun
If you think about traveling to Mexico - Cancun is a great place to start. It is a big city on the Yucatan Peninsula near the carribean sea. I stayed at the Selinas Hostel in the city center, where a lot of other travelers around the world arrive an start their adventure. In those days I payed around 18 USD per night, in 2022 the price is around 25 USD for a bed in a 6-bed dorm, which is still not much for what you get. The place is really colorful and has nice and modern facilities. You can reach the hostel directly with a local bus from the airport. Riding buses in Mexico is incredibly cheap. ADO is the company that connects a lot of cities all over Mexico. 

Panorama out of a hammock at Selinas Downtown Hostel in Cancun

It was really easy to get to know new people here. When I was there I met a really nice brazilian man who changed accomodation from a very expensive hotel near the beach just to meet more people at Selinas. He encouraged others in the hostel to visit the beach together. Bot don't worry if you are more the person who wants to do your own thing you can do that with no problem here too.
The beach(es) are not far away from the hostel and are served by various local buses who catch up locals and travelers near the hostel. One trip is less then 50cts € , but you can also rent a bike if you want. Every kind of transportation is really cheap and easy to get here. I really liked those parts of the coastline where you had rocks and structure not only that beautiful thin sand. 
I met a very kind man who sold shirts and sunglasses. He was really patient and did not push to buy anything instead he told me he worked a long time as a fisherman and that he liked to play guitar too and this three daughters drove him "crazy" at times.
Basically the local buses ride along the whole coast line and you can get of whenever you like. Choose which beach section you prefere and get of to enjoy the sun and turquoise water.
Isla Mujeres
There are a lot of options for a one day trips near Cancun. One day I decided to join a little group of people from the hostel to go to Isla Mujeres which is the so called "Island of the Women". Wen rented a golf car and drove along the whole island where you can do different things like ziplining over the sea or just enjoy beautiful nature at the cliffs. The sunset was just one of the most beautiful I had ever seen.
One of the next trips I took was visiting Tulum where I met some people from Argentina I had been in contact through couchsurfers. I visited the ancient ruins of Tulum which are near the coast-line. Tulum is just 2 hours away from Cancun. I stayed 3 days in Tulum where I rented a bike to be more mobile since the ruins are not so close from the centre where you take the ADO buses.

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